Europe 2 (“Le Meilleur Son”) is the leading radio station for listeners aged 25 to 49 in the Pop and Rock genres. It accompanies its audience in their daily lives with a distinctive tone, a strong musical DNA, and unique events.

Every morning, Clément makes his mark on Europe 2 from 6 am to 9:30 pm in a lively morning show full of humor and kindness. Close to his listeners, Clément meets them during remote broadcasts in various regions along the year.

Along the day, the hosts share the music on Europe 2 with a free-spirited tone. The programming includes a mix of the best tracks that we all love to hear again and the very latest heartwarming releases.

On Sundays from 9 pm to 10 pm, Lionel Martin hosts Europe 2 Lab, the leading music show that gives a voice to established and emerging artists who are making headlines.

Focused on its listeners, Europe 2 organizes various music events, free of charge, featuring multiple artists or intimate settings through different formats: “Europe 2 Nouvelle Scène”, “Europe 2 Live”, “Europe 2 Exclusif”. The station reaffirms its commitment to discovering new talents by offering the musical platform “Première Scène Europe 2”.

Online, Europe 2 offers its communities even more exclusive content through its website, app, web radios, podcasts, and social media.

With a presence everywhere in France, Europe 2 continues to provide daily local programming from 12 pm to 4 pm and expands its presence on DAB+ to offer an enhanced radio experience (audio quality, text transmission, photos, and other data).


Division : Corporate and other activities


Stéphane BOSC

CEO of Music Radio


Deputy Director of Music Radios in charge of Europe 2


Director of Communication and Promotion