With almost 6 million listeners over three weeks (1), 18.5 million podcasts downloaded or listened to per month (2), 4.1 million internet users each month (3) and the number one private generalist radio station with 4.3 million socionauts (4) each month, Europe 1 is one of the most influential news and entertainment brands in France.
Europe 1 offers listeners an adjusted schedule based on the station’s three fundamental pillars: information, culture and entertainment.

  • Weekday schedule :
    • Europe Matin (5am-7am: Alexandre Le Mer / 7am-9am, Dimitri Pavlenko)
    • Culture-Médias (9-11am, Philippe Vandel)
    • Bienfait pour vous (11am-12pm, Julia Vignali & Mélanie Gomez)
    • Europe Midi (12:00-13:00, Romain Desarbres)
    • La France Bouge (1pm-2pm, Elizabeth Assayag)
    • Hondelatte Raconte (14H-15H, Christophe Hondelatte)
    • Hondelatte Raconte L’année (15H-16H, Christophe Hondelatte)
    • Historiquement Vôtre (4-6pm, Stéphane Bern)
    • Punchline (6-7pm, Laurence Ferrari)
    • Europe Soir (7-8pm, Raphaël Devolvé on Friday)
    • Europe Sport (8-11pm, Lionel Rosso and Virginie Phulpin)
    • La Libre Antenne (11pm-1am, Olivier Delacroix from Monday to Thursday – Yann Moix on Friday)

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(2) Médiamétrie – eStat Podcast – October 2022
(3) Médiamétrie//NetRatings – Global Internet Audience – France – September 2022 – Base: 2 years and +
(4) Audience not deduplicated from official pages – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Dailymotion, LinkedIn, TikTok – November 2022


Division : Corporate and other activities


Constance Benqué

Présidente de Lagardère News / Chair, Lagardère News

Marie Renoir-Couteau

Présidente de Lagardère Publicité News / Chair, Lagardère Publicité News