Founded in 1968, Editions JC Lattès is open to all aspects of contemporary culture and has gradually emerged as a top-ranking publisher of general fiction and non-fiction in France. French authors, from Nina Bouraoui, Sandrine Collette, Éric Giacometti and Jacques Ravenne, to Olivia Ruiz have gained a vast readership at home and abroad. International authors Dan Brown, E.L. James, John Grisham, Patricia Cornwell, and John Boyne, among others, have been featured on bestseller lists, as have Edouard Philippe, Gilles Boyer, Arsène Wenger and Bertrand Périer in the non-fiction category. The launching in 2020 of a new label, La Grenade, dedicated to promoting new voices in diversity, has fostered the revelation as novelist of grocery store clerk Djamel Cherigui as well as rapper Oxmo Puccino. In partnership with the BNF, JC Lattès has launched their mook, a magazine in book form entitled Retronews – a compelling decryption of the news through the lens of historic press articles. With co-editor Editions Bamboo, Lattès is recreating several of its bestsellers as illustrated albums: La commode aux tiroirs de couleurs by Olivia Ruiz, La Chambre des officiers by Marc Dugain and Dans l’ombre by Edouard Philippe and Gilles Boyer are in the process of adaptation. In 2023 the new non-fiction label “Nouveaux Jours” saw the immediate successes of Samah Karaki with Le talent est une fiction and Rose Lamy with Défaire le discours sexiste dans les médias.


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