Audiolib’s watchwords are freedom, mobility, the pleasure of sharing the written word, the newly rediscovered emotions of the human voice and easy access to books for all. Launched in 2008, Audiolib quickly became the leading player in the rapidly emerging French audiobook market, driven by the public’s enthusiasm for smartphones, podcasts and mobile entertainement. Audiolib currently has a catalogue of more than 1500 titles and produces more than 200 new titles yearly in a variety of genres, including literature, suspense, non-fiction, health and wellness, young adult and children, with a selection of new picks and classics along with works by bestselling authors from France and abroad. The year’s best reads and the books everyone is talking about, read by leading actors, are rapidly accessible, making it possible to read more than ever before and to enjoy each moment to the fullest, whether the listener is at home, walking, exercising, travelling by car, train or plane, or just relaxing with the family.


Division : Lagardère Publishing


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Laure Saget


Nataly Villena Vega