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Lagardère Travel Retail: major CSR aims to support recovery

At a time when the Travel Retail industry is preparing to make its way out of the crisis, the main priority of all stakeholders is ensuring that these recovery strategies incorporate environmental and societal concerns.
We will only achieve a lasting return to growth by adopting a more responsible approach. Because this is what we believe and this vision is shared by our partners, clients and employees, we have made CSR one of our strategic priorities. The aim is clear: we want to play a leading role in Travel Retail's transition towards a more responsible model.

We reviewed our PEPS (Planet, Ethics, People, Social)
CSR strategy in 2021, and have drawn up an ambitious and demanding roadmap that will enable us to rapidly improve our impact on the environment and on local communities in the areas in which we operate.
Underpinned by 12 exacting and concrete commitments, this new action plan will also make us the partner of choice for our responsible products and allow us to create a working environment in which everyone is able to flourish and achieve their career goals.
These commitments will be achieved before 2025 and we have introduced precise indicators to track our progress as best possible.

We also launched our first full carbon footprint assessment in 2021 and are developing a specific roadmap based on realistic but ambitious trajectories for steering our low-carbon strategy.

This is an ambitious challenge but one that is within reach, and we know that with the support of our partners, suppliers and employees, we will succeed and enable Lagardère Travel Retail-and our industry as a whole- to achieve lasting growth in a responsible way.


  Lagardère Travel Retail: major CSR aims to support recovery

The group's values

Lagardère's values and corporate culture are founded on two pillars: its rich and varied history and the commitment of the people, past and present, who represent it.

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The group's activities

Created in 1992, Lagardère is an international group with operations in more than 40 countries worldwide. It employs around 27,000 people and generated revenue of €5,130 million in 2021.
The Group is structured around two priority divisions.


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Message from the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

"The conversion of Lagardère SCA into a joint-stock company (société anonyme) with a Board of Directors in 2021 marked a new chapter in the Group's history. Our governance is now characterised by a calm and constructive relationship with our main shareholders, which reinforces the integrity and durability of our Group..."