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Hachette Fascicules & Collection

Hachette Collections was created in France in 1996. It publishes partworks (fascicules in French), often packaged with collectibles, which it deploys on an international scale. Partworks appeal to hobbyists and enthusiasts with titles like A Century of Automobiles, The Whole Universe, Knitting, Pocket Watches, The Human Body and the like, to the delight of millions of collectors. In addition to the genre's traditional topics (cars, the fine arts, aeronautics, etc.), Hachette Collections increasingly markets products under licence, such as Marvel and Disney products. Hachette Collections now has a presence in 39 countries: in Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada via Hachette Collections France; in Spain, Portugal and Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru) via Salvat since 1998; in Germany and Austria since 1999; in Italy, the Czech Republic and Romania, via Hachette: Fascicoli since 1999; in the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Malta via Hachette Partworks since 2000; in Poland since 2001; in Japan and Taiwan via Hachette Collections Japan since 2004; and in Russia since 2009.


Division : Lagardère Publishing


58, rue Jean Bleuzen - CS 70007
92178 Vanves Cedex

Tel : 01 43 92 30 00
Fax : 01 43 92 37 43


Isabelle MAGNAC
CEO Partworks subsidiairies

tel : 01 43 92 38 68

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