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Information circulates at a rapid rate in our society and events quickly disappear off the horizon. It's not always easy to bear in mind that the business world also needs to aim towards consistency over the long term. A company's success is not founded on one-off achievements, but on sustainable viability. This sustainable approach goes beyond simple economic concerns - it draws its strength from identity.
A company differentiates itself by holding to a set of values. These values enable it to assert itself more effectively. Lagardère's values, together with the quality of its corporate culture, rest on two pillars - its rich and varied history and the commitment of the people who embody it, both now and in the past.


Boldness-Lagardère Group-Lagardère Publishing-Lagardère Active_Lagardère Services-Lagardère SportsThe Lagardère group has always sought to boldly expand its horizons by investing in new business sectors in which it has acquired both legitimacy and competence. In so doing, from the emergence of the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company with its first satellites, to the digital revolution and, even more recently, its expansion into Sports and Entertainment, the group has always demonstrated its aptitude for entrepreneurship and diversification.
Boldness at Lagardère is also expressed by the group's capacity to persistently and proactively anticipate strategic challenges for its various business segments and flagship brands.


In the constantly changing media world, the capacity for self-renewal through the creation of alternative solutions is a decisive competitive advantage. Creativity is much more than just a recurring theme at Lagardère; it is a daily way of life for the group's employees. Lagardère's products and brands have often been forerunners in their fields.
For example, Lagardère Publishing publishes more than 15,000 new products a year and makes solid investment in e-books. Similarly, Lagardère Services regularly launches new services and innovative concepts in the field of Travel Retail targeted at travellers at transport terminals. In addition, Lagardère Active is continually reinventing its offering in order to keep up with the latest press, broadcasting and digital trends. Lastly, Lagardère Unlimited develops bespoke and innovative Sports and Entertainment solutions in areas such as marketing, events management and consulting.


Independance-Lagardère Group-Lagardère Publishing-Lagardère Active_Lagardère Services-Lagardère SportsAs a diversified media group, Lagardère has always been managed from a long-term perspective and has never indulged in fleeting trends. This approach, combined with the family nature of its capital structure, has made independence a key value for Lagardère. For the group's employees, independence means that their freedom of expression and creation - a fundamental principle for anyone working in the fields of information and communication - has always provided a solid foundation for their professional lives.

Press releases


Asterix and the Missing Scroll: the new Asterix album to be released on October 22, 2015


Press release relating to regulated information
Availability of the preparatory documents for the annual ordinary and extraordinary General Meeting of 5 May 2015

Arnaud Lagardère Editorial

"The Lagardère group delivered excellent performances in 2013 despite a difficult global economy, with exceptional net income and an increase in recurring EBIT from Media activities above our guidance..."
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The group's activities

Lagardère, a world-class diversified media group led by Arnaud Lagardère, operates in around 30 countries and is structured around four distinct, complementary divisions.

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The group's values

The Group has clear values that determine its personality. Lagardère's creativity, boldness and independence have helped to create a modern, innovative media group that's in touch with its times.