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Eco-design week for Hachette Livre France employees

Hachette Livre's Sustainable Development Department firmly believes that everyone, regardless of their role, has a part to play in helping to improve our impact on the environment. In 2021, it held the first Eco-design Week, open to all Hachette Livre France employees.

The aim of this event-organised in collaboration with Standard Deviation, a consulting firm specialising in ecological transition-was to introduce or step up eco-design practices within the division's teams by coming up with concrete courses of action.

A number of talks were given by consultants, corporate teams, publishers, manufacturers and an author (Hugo Clément, published by Fayard) during three interactive online modules. They set out the main objectives of eco-design in publishing and highlighted successful projects at Hachette Livre (minimalism, before/ after slipcases, eco-efficiency).

These collaborative workshops helped to put together a library of reflex sheets that will enable employees to adopt best practices at each stage of the lifecycle of books, slipcases and games boxes, covering choice of materials, editorial and production, transportation and distribution, promotion, end of life and recycling.

The high level of employee involvement, with more than 180 taking part in the event, revealed the commitment of Hachette Livre's teams to addressing these issues.

Another Eco-design Week is planned for 2022, focusing on the schools segment and best practices for use of plastics.

  Eco-design week for Hachette Livre France employees

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