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Enhancing product traceability

Focus Marc Steinmyller


Marc Steinmyller


Foodservice Operational Manager,
Lagardère Travel Retail




Eezytrace: using digital technology for food safety

1,000 foodservice outlets in 20 countries, Lagardère Travel Retail does all it can to guarantee product safety for consumers.

For each of its outlets, food health and safety is checked daily using strict and precise procedures, from delivery by the supplier until the finished product is handed over to the consumer. External audits are also carried out by an independent organisation (Bureau Veritas), which performs hygiene checks on two levels - local and international - of raw materials, finished products and equipment.

In order to improve traceability and food safety, the company has adopted a digital solution: Eezytrace.

This is a tablet application that makes it possible to perform easy and quick daily checks and consolidate data on a real-time basis. In addition to saving time, this solution allows staff to trace, consolidate and use data. Automatic data archiving allows for more reliable traceability and quick identification of potential risks in order to take corrective action as swiftly as possible.

Following a test phase during 2018, the Eezytrace solution will be implemented at all subsidiaries by the end of 2019.


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