PEPS, Lagardère Travel Retail’s CSR strategy


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A network of “Heroes” in order to better factor in local environmental issues

Lagardère Travel Retail has set itself ambitious targets to improve the company's impact on the environment and its communities. Because we firmly believe that the success of this strategy depends on our employees, their local anchoring and the diversity of their viewpoints, we have developed an international network of "Local Heroes". True ambassadors of our commitment, more than 30 employees endeavour to achieve concrete progress in terms of responsibility across the entire company by articulating the PEPS strategy within their market and adapting it to their market's specific issues.

The role of these "Local Heroes" is to be a real driving force in change by activating initiatives aiming to improve our environmentally friendly practices.
They are also invited to promote their commitment within the subsidiaries in order to foster the support of the entire company. Lastly, an online bank of best practices has been made available to allow them to find out about and assess the impact of the projects for which they are responsible.

The motivation of this network - which I have the privilege of leading - is remarkable. Launched in 2019 with the support of Lagardère Travel Retail's Executive Committee, emulation of the community of "Local Heroes" allowed for the emergence of more than 120 initiatives in 2019 relating to all issues concerning sustainable development, whether in terms of enhancing our ecological or ethical product offering in stores, extending our charitable efforts or even making our operations more energy efficient.


  PEPS, Lagardère Travel Retail’s CSR strategy
Presentation of the PEPS strategy during the Lagardère Travel Retail top managers annual seminar, June 2019 (Paris-La Défense, France).

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Les valeurs de Lagardère, tout comme la qualité de sa culture d’entreprise, reposent sur deux piliers : la richesse de l’histoire du Groupe et la dimension des hommes qui l’incarnent et l’ont incarné.

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Créé en 1992, Lagardère est un groupe de dimension mondiale présent dans plus de 40 pays, comptant environ 27 000 collaborateurs et ayant dégagé un chiffre d'affaires de 5 130 millions d'euros en 2021.
Le Groupe repose sur deux branches prioritaires.

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"Une nouvelle page de l'histoire du Groupe s'est ouverte en 2021 avec la transformation de Lagardère SCA en société anonyme à conseil d'administration. Notre gouvernance s'inscrit désormais dans une relation apaisée et constructive avec nos principaux actionnaires qui conforte l'intégrité et la pérennité de notre Groupe..."


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