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Press releases

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Paris, January 30, 2012

Odysseus (a GMT Productions and MakingProd production), Arte's new, eagerly awaited series, is now filming

The first season of Odysseus, now being filmed, recounts the events that took place in Ithaca while Ulysses was absent for 20 years. This new take on Homer's The Odyssey features an enticing cast that includes Caterina Murino (Penelope), Niels Schneider (Telemachus), Karina Testa (Clea), Joseph Malerba (Mentor), Bruno Todeschini (Leocritus), Alessio Boni (Ulysses) and more.

The situation in Ithaca is critical. Ten years have passed since the Trojan War ended, and all the warriors have returned home, except for one: Ulysses, who is rumoured to have been lost at sea. Ithaca, deprived of its king for far too long, lacks many resources, and its people are beginning to complain.
Penelope maintains her husband's throne as best she can and holds on to what little power she still has. Every day, she faces everyone's doubts about Ulysses' return, as well as the scheming of Leocritus, the head of the warriors with a claim to the throne. She protects her son Telemachus and keeps him at a safe distance from the games of power. Neither a great strategist nor a warrior, he must nevertheless take action on behalf of Ithaca. Will Telemachus be able to defend his father's throne? And what if Ulysses returns after 20 years' absence?

Production credits

  • Director: Stéphane Giusti
  • A series created by Frédéric Azemar
  • Score: Yvan Cassar
  • Writers: Frédéric Azemar, Olivier Dujols, Marine Francou, Fanny Herrerro, Olivier Kohn, Flore Kosinetz, Frédéric Krivine, Elsa Marpeau, Florent Meyer, Zina Modiano, Anne Peyregne, Stéphane Piatzszek and Marie Roussin
  • Co-production, France: Arte France, GMT, MakingProd
  • Co-production, Italy: Pepito Produzioni, Movie Heart
  • With the participation of Rai Uno
  • Executive production, Portugal: Sunflag


  • Penelope: Caterina Murino
  • Ulysses: Alessio Boni
  • Telemachus: Niels Schneider
  • Clea: Karina Testa
  • Leocritus: Bruno Todeschini
  • Mentor: Joseph Malerba
  • Eurynome: Vittoria Scognamiglio
  • Laertes: Carlo Brandt
  • Orion: Salim Kechiouche
  • Antinous: Augustin Legrand
  • Thyoscos: Frédéric Quiring
  • Leodes: Ugo Venel
  • Eukharistos: Amr Waked

Filming runs from 16 January to 13 June 2012 in Portugal.

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