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Press releases

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Boulogne-Billancourt, October 6, 2010

Two Timoon series - Bugged and 5 Speed 5 - in the MIP Junior Top 30*

Timoon, the Lagardère Entertainment company devoted to the production of animated series for children and young people, is pleased to announce that two of its programmes ranked among the Top 30 most-requested programmes at MIP Junior,* a major screening event held last weekend in Cannes.

  • Bugged (Gnark) ranked fifth for the second consecutive year.
  • 5 Speed 5 (SRB Starter Rapido Bang) ranked 21st.
    "This success sends a strong, encouraging signal from the sector, particularly from our French and international partners," declare Sandrine Nguyen and Boris Hertzog, Timoon's chief operating officers, who have headed up the company for the last two years. "We have been working since our arrival to revitalize our team's activities by developing higher quality, more innovative projects. With two productions delivered, two series underway and nearly a dozen development projects in progress, Timoon is committed to delivering series with high international potential and wide audience appeal, produced by extremely talented professionals."

*Source: MIP Junior

Bugged (Gnark)

52 x 7 min.; cartoon for the entire family; for Canal+ Family & Teletoon

Our bigger-than-life hero, Murphy, hunts down aliens, but he has a big problem: nothing turns out like it's supposed to, particularly when he attempts to capture Puck, a fat, extremely irritating louse (no pun intended). On top of his bad luck, Murphy has to compete with a formidable bounty hunter who is also pursuing Puck, a fearsome competitor with devious methods worthy of Dirty Harry named Blat Jack. As a result, Murphy has a devil of a time trying to capture Puck: his plans are doomed to failure, his idiotic gadgets are riddled with flaws, and his conceit and rotten luck are as bad as Blat Jack's low blows.

5 Speed 5 (SRB Starter Rapido Bang)

52 x 13 min.; action sitcom; for kids aged 5-8

Have you ever come home and felt that something was amiss? You might think you smelled a faint odour of burnt rubber in your bedroom or have noticed tiny skid-marks on your freshly waxed floor. If this has ever happened to you, there's a good chance that your home-sweet-home has just been the scene of an SRB drag race. SRB stands for "Starter Rapido Bang," a drag racing league that organizes races of miniature cars driven at breakneck speeds by small animals who will do just about anything to win. Of course nobody told you, but all these championship races are broadcast on Joujou TV (JJTV), a cable TV channel aimed at our animal friends. In short, you're in store for loads of action, visual gags, screeching tires and screaming engines with Starter Rapido Bang, so be prepared for no-holds-barred action with SRB!

Press contacts: Lagardère Entertainment - Timoon

About Timoon

Created in 2003, Timoon made a name for itself with such successful series as Forest Friends (52 x 13 min.), which aired regularly on TF1 and TiJi and spawned a host of derivative products; Odd Family (26 x 26 min.), broadcast on TF1 and the Disney Channel; and, more recently, Linus and Boom (52 x 13 min.), an action-comedy series broadcast in 3D on France 3 and Canal J. This year, Timoon also produced Monk, "the little dog who's totally nuts," and Gnark, the two most recent additions to the Canal+ Family and Teletoon France line-ups, and is currently developing two new series: Fish'n Chips with Gulli and Scary Larry.