Analyst Coverage

   Financial institutions    Analysts
   Barclays    Julien Roch
   BofA Securities
   Adrien De Saint Hilaire
   Citi    Thomas Singlehurst
   CM-CIC    Eric Ravary
   Exane BNP Paribas    Sami Kassab
   Kepler Cheuvreux
   Charles-Louis Scotti
   Oddo BHF    Jérôme Bodin
   Société Générale    Christophe Cherblanc

The above list is provided for information purposes only. It comprises the analysts who, to our knowledge, cover Lagardère. Note, however, that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this list nor can we guarantee that it is complete given that it may be subject to change from time to time.
It should be noted, in addition, that information, opinions, recommendations, estimates, forecast or conclusions made by these analysts do not reflect in any way the positions of Lagardère or its management, who shall not be bound by such information, opinions, recommendations, estimates, forecasts or conclusions.

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