Main CHANGES IN the scope of consolidation


The main changes in the scope of consolidation in 2020 were as follows:

Lagardère Publishing

  • Acquisition by Hachette Livre SA of Blackrock Games, France's third-largest distributor of board games. Blackrock Games was consolidated in the Group's financial statements with effect from January 2020.
  • Acquisition by Lagardère Publishing in January 2020 of Le Livre Scolaire, a collaborative textbook publisher (paper and digital) and consolidated with effect from February 2020.
  • Acquisition in September 2020 of Laurence King Publishing, a leading specialist in creative arts publishing and stationery in the United Kingdom.

Lagardère Sports

  • Disposal of Lagardère Sports to H.I.G. Capital in April 2020.

Disposal of Lagardère Active assets

  • Disposal of Lagardère Studios to Mediawan in October 2020 for a sale price of €85 million, plus an earn-out up to €15 million to be collected in 2023 if the Group meets a specific earnings target.

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