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Companies & Brands

Maximal Productions
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Maximal Productions

Led by Bruno Gaston, Maximal Production generates reports, documentaries, newsmagazines and other news-based programming. It produces over 400 hours of programming annually, primarily in the news and information field.

C dans l'air : Hosts Caroline Roux (Monday through Thursday) and Bruce Toussaint (Friday and Saturday), supported by guest commentators, analyze and comment on the day-to-day social, political and cultural developments that affect our lives (France 5 at 5:50 pm). The show has an interactive online version (synchronized with the live broadcast) in partnership with France Televisions.
C à dire: broadcast just before C dans l'air, Axel de Tarlé interviews a figure in the news (France 5 at 5:30 pm).

Maximal also produces documentaries, including:
- Brésil, terre promise du football (90' - France 5 - Réal. F.X. Rigot) : José Touré takes us on a voyage of discovery through Brazil in search of the landmarks and symbols of the country's "football mania."
- Quand la toile tisse la haine (52' - France 5 - Réal. F. Hoss) : investigative journalism on the sowers of hate (trolls and bashers) that prowl the Internet's dark side
- Pensionnaires volontaires (60' - TF1 Reportages - Réal. E. Coudray) : portraits of schoolchildren who voluntarily chose to enroll in boarding school.
- La légende des hélicoptères Français (52' - RMC Découverte - Réal. F. Hoss) : with such iconic choppers as the Alouette, SuperPuma, Ecureuil and Dauphin, the French have succeeded in rising to the top of an ultra-competitive, global industry over the course of the 20th century.
- Théâtre, en attendant les 3 coups (60' - TF1 Reportages - Réal. M. Lorand) : The backstage of a play just before the first representation.
- L'inquiétant Monsieur Trump (70' - France 5 - Réal. R. Besnainou) : The rising power of Donald Trump from his election to his investiture on the 20th january 2017.
- Après la jungle (62' - France 5 - Réal. J. Launay) : The migrants reception after the dismantling of Calais camp.
- Travailler encore (52' - France 3 - Réal. J.T. Ceccaldi) : Portraits of workers who describe their work with passion.
- Louisiane, les prisons de la honte (24' - Arte reportage - Réal. G. Roudier) : An immersion in private jail system in Louisiana.
- Maximal Productions won the Albert Londres Prize in 2007 for Anne Poiret's documentary Muttur: un crime contre l'humanitaire.

Site web :


Division : Lagardère Active


7, rue du Dôme
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

Tel : +33 (0)1 40 74 77 77
Fax : +33 (0)1 40 74 77 79


Executive Managing Director

Tél : +33 (0)1 40 74 76 52


Audiovisuel, Société de production, Jérôme Bellay, Yves Calvi, Axel de Tarlé, Géraldine Muhlmann, Joan Faggianelli, C dans l'air, C à dire, C politique, In Ze Boîte, Le Mur de Berlin, Muttur : un crime contre l'humanitaire

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