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Lagardère Publicité News

Lagardère Publicité News is the advertising network for Europe 1, Paris Match, Le Journal du Dimanche, Virgin Radio, RFM, OÜI FM (in the Greater Paris), FG Radio (in Greater Paris and Nice), Radio Meuh, Radio Public Santé and Replay News.

Iconic, complementary leading brands that form an integral part of the daily lives of the French public, providing news and entertainment.

Lagardère Publicité News draws on its full array of business expertise, innovative media solutions and brand strength to amplify traditional media campaigns or design customized communications solutions that target a qualified audience.

It offers radio, print media and digital media advertising, as well as experiences and events designed to meet the specific needs of advertisers, media agencies and consulting firms.

- An offering that reaches 28 million French people aged 15 and over, over 1 month, which is 52% of the population of France (1)
- Nearly six million listeners every day (2)
- 3.3 million readers each week (3)
- Nine million unique visitors per month to its digital platforms (4)

Twitter : @LagarderePNews
Facebook : @LagarderePubliciteNews
Instagram : @lagardere_publicite_news
YouTube :

Sources: (1) Etude Cross Médias 2021.1, base 15 ans et +, 1 mois, Radio, Presse, Internet Fixe, Mobile et Tablette, marques Lagardère Publicité News : Europe 1, RFM, Virgin Radio, Paris Match, Le Journal du Dimanche hors FG et Oüi FM non publiés. (2) Médiamétrie 126 000 Radio - Janvier-Juin 2021(hors Avril) - Audience cumulée 13 ans et +, LàV - 5h-24h - Europe 1, Virgin Radio, RFM. (3) ACPM ONE NEXT 2021 V4 / Ensemble 15 ans et plus. (4) Médiamétrie//NetRatings Internet Global, Septembre 2021, audience dédupliquée des sites et applications. Offre digitale Lagardère Publicité News (Brands) : Europe 1, Paris Match, Le Journal du Dimanche, Virgin Radio, RFM.


Site web :


Division : Corporate and other activities


2 Rue des Cévennes
75015 Paris

email :
Tel : Tel : (33) 01 87 15 40 40


Marie Renoir-Couteau
Direction de la Stratégie, de la Communication et du Marketing de Lagardère News
CEO Lagardère Publicité News

email :


Publicité, Presse, Radio, Web, Mobile, Tablette, Solutions cross media, Podcast

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