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Lagardère News

Strong, historic, influential and iconic brands that are integral to the daily lives of the French public, providing news, exclusive content and entertainment.
Today Lagardère News attracts more than 6.9 million listeners to its broadcasts each day1, and commands a weekly audience of more than 4.5 million readers for its press titles2 and nearly 14 million unique visitors to its online platforms3.
ELLE International is the world's largest media network, with 33 million readers, 78 international editions and a non-media licensing business that spans 80 countries.
The News division plans to capitalize on that solid foundation in its pursuit of further growth, by drawing on:
* the expertise of its brands, which are firmly established in the media landscape: their identities, their values, their strength of conviction and their legitimacy.
* the experience, energy and know-how of passionate employees who are dedicated to their brands.
The advertising sales networks:

  • Lagardère Publicité News is the advertising sales network for the Europe 1, Paris Match, Le Journal du Dimanche, Virgin Radio, RFM, OÜI FM (in Greater Paris), FG (in Greater Paris and Nice) and brands. Its powerful media outlets reach 31 million people over a three-week period - 58% of the French public4.
  • Lagardère Global Advertising is the international advertising sales network for Lagardère News. It markets all of the Lagardère Group's media outlets and those of its partner publishers to international advertisers: 140 press titles (ELLE: 45 editions; ELLE Decor: 25 editions; Paris Match; Air France Magazine; Air France Madame; Numéro; Le Point; l'Equipe, etc.), over 90 websites, mobile and tablet apps, as well as radio stations (including Europe 1, RFM and Virgin Radio) and television channels (ELLE Fictions). With 29 sales teams, Lagardère Global Advertising is the only global multimedia advertising sales network to offer advertisers integrated media solutions and customized turnkey packages through a single point of contact.

1 Source: Médiamétrie 126,000 radio survey: April-June 2019; cumulative audience ages 13+; Mon.-Fri, 5:00 am - 12:00 am; Europe 1, Virgin Radio, RFM.
2 Source: ACPM One 2017, total readership ages 15+.
3 Source: Médiamétrie//NetRatings, global Internet audience, France, May 2019, unduplicated audience: Europe 1 (B), Le JDD (B), Match (B), Virginradio (B), RFM (B), Le Guide du Routard (B); basis: ages 2+.
4 Source: 2019 cross-media study, based on March 2019 data, Affimétrie, ACPM and Médiamétrie; basis: ages 15+; exposure over a three-week period: radio, print media, fixed, mobile and tablet Internet; Lagardère Publicité News brands: Europe 1, RFM, Virgin Radio, Paris Match, Le Journal du Dimanche,, excluding FG and Oüi FM (unpublished).


2 Rue des Cévennes
75015 Paris

email :
Tel : (33) 01 80 20 30 00
Tel : (33) 01 87 15 40 00


Constance Benqué
Chair of Lagardère News


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