Nicolas Sarkozy

Independent Director

Member of the Appointments, Remunerations and CSR Committee
Member of the ad hoc Committee

Nationality : French
Date of birth : 28 January 1955


Nicolas Sarkozy was the 6th President of France’s Fifth Republic (2007-2012).
Mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine (1983-2002), National Assembly Representative for Hauts-de-Seine (1988-2002), President of the General Council for Hauts-de-Seine (2004-2007), Minister for the Budget (1993-1995), Minister for Communications (1994-1995), Government spokesman (1993-1995), Minister of the Interior, Internal Security and Local Freedoms (2002-2004), Minister of State, Minister for the Economy, Finance and Industry (2004), Minister of State, Minister of the Interior and Town and Country Planning (2005-2007). He was also the elected leader of French political parties UMP (2004-2007) and Les Républicains (2014-2016).
A trained lawyer, Nicolas Sarkozy is married and has four children. He is the author of several books, including Libre, Témoignage, La France pour la vie, Tout pour la France, Passions and Le Temps des Tempêtes.

► Directorships and other positions currently held by Nicolas Sarkozy :

In France :

Director and Chairman of the International Strategy Committee, Accor (listed company)
Director and member of the Strategy Committee, Lucien Barrière group SAS
Member of the Supervisory Board, LGI – Lov Group Invest
Member of the Natixis International Advisory Network

Outside France :

Member of the Advisory Board, Axian
Member of the Advisory Board, Chargeurs (listed company)
Member of the Advisory Board, SPAO Reso Garantia