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The health crisis that shook the world in 2020 continued in 2021, allowing our Group to solidly anchor its commitments in terms of social, societal and environmental responsibility.

With regard to the environment, our awareness of the growing urgency of the situation over the last few years is reflected in action plans on all fronts. With regard to climate, the Group carried out its Scope 3 carbon emissions assessment, which will serve as a reference for rolling out its low-carbon roadmap in each of its business lines. Climate risk analysis is being conducted in 2022, which will be used to enhance our transition strategy and put us in a position to respond to new EU requirements, particularly in terms of non-financial reporting.

The gradual converging of the financial and non-financial worlds, under the aegis of the EU’s Green Deal and the investor community, was also one of the key factors of 2021, attesting to the contribution of CSR to the company’s overall performance. CSR is now one of the Group’s core focuses, governed by increasing regulatory requirements that will eventually result in the standardisation of non-financial reporting across Europe.

In terms of our employees, with the ongoing health crisis making it essential to continue to pay attention to the health and safety of our staff, efforts to promote diversity (primarily by means of training in combating stereotypes and inclusive management) and gender balance also continued in all areas in which we operate.

I am delighted that we have continued to make progress in ensuring balanced representation of women and men on our management bodies.

In addition, by organising educational meetings about CSR issues, often in virtual format, our Group has also responded to demands from employees, who are increasingly concerned about ensuring that their professional commitments reflect their personal convictions.

Lastly, with regard to society, the Group has remained loyal to its values and maintained its charitable programmes and partnerships, attesting to its commitment to helping those in need, and continued to develop its content in order to allow everyone to access knowledge and entertainment.

Thanks to the unrelenting efforts of all our staff, I remain confident that our Group will be able to adapt to the many challenges that arise now and in the future.

Arnaud Lagardère
Chairman and Chief Executive
Officer of Lagardère SA