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Thanks to the rebound in business and development efforts, 2022 was marked by new acquisitions and openings. Lagardère Travel Retail also won a number of calls for tenders, thereby supporting future growth.

Continued dynamic expansion of the network

In 2022, Lagardère Travel Retail France continued to roll out the Relay Next Generation concept and tested the first eco-responsible Green Relay store at Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport.

It also continued to drive organic growth in Europe, including launching Relay in Austria and the Czech Republic, a new Foodservice activity with the Bloody Bar at Geneva-Cornavin station (Switzerland) and the start of the Duty Free concession at Naples airport (Italy). In addition, a new concept dedicated to local brands, Future is Local, was inaugurated at Prague airport (Czech

A new Foodservice brand was launched in West Africa with the opening of Képar Café stores at the Yéba service station (Senegal) and at Nouakchott airport (Mauritania).

In Asia, the first Travel Retail store under the banner of British brand Fortnum & Mason was opened at Hong Kong airport. In addition, the year saw the inauguration of the new Discover concept store and a new Longchamp boutique at Singapore-Changi airport.

Similarly, Paradies Lagardère opened new stores in the United States, notably at Hartford and Palm Springs airports. In South America, Lagardère Travel Retail launched Duty Free operations at Lima airport, and Foodservice operations at Santiago airport.

Lastly, in Australia, Lagardère AWPL launched the first hybrid Bound concept store at Brisbane airport and opened new Aelia Duty Free stores at Adelaide airport.

Acquisitions and new concessions to support future growth

In 2022, Lagardère Travel Retail won the call for tenders launched by the ADP group to partner in the new Extime Duty Free joint venture in charge of nearly 150 Duty Free & Fashion stores in Paris
airports, while the SNCF concession was renewed for a further ten-year term. Elsewhere, the Duty Free concession in Rome airports was extended by five years.

Meanwhile, Lagardère Travel Retail closed two major acquisitions to strengthen its Foodservice network and expertise, namely Marché International, with a footprint covering five European countries and Singapore, and HWH (Creative Table Holdings Ltd) in the Middle East.

In Africa, a new agreement was signed to operate the Foodservice activities at Dakar airport in Senegal. In addition, Lagardère Travel Retail won the concession for the opening of an Aelia Duty Free
store at Kilimanjaro airport in Tanzania.

There were also a number of tender wins in the United States, particularly for the airports in Atlanta, Grand Rapids and Nashville. In Chile, Lagardère Travel Retail won two tenders for Foodservice operations at Punta Arenas and Iquique.

In addition, on Hainan Island (China), Lagardère Travel Retail was awarded a master concession at Haikou – Hainan’s second-largest airport – and a partnership was set up with CNSC for the opening of a Duty Free shopping centre in Sanya.

Lastly, in the Pacific, the Duty Free concession at Auckland airport (New Zealand) was extended to mid-2025, on a single operator model from September 2023.