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In 1997, the Lagardère group formed a Shareholders’ Consultative Committee representing individual shareholders.

The Committee’s objectives are to:

The Committee consists of representatives of individual shareholders along with representatives of Lagardère.

The Committee considers primarily themes such as:

Anyone interested in becoming a member and participating in the Committee’s work should contact the Investor Relations Department via the Shareholders and investors section of the website.


Information for shareholders

The Group provides its shareholders with comprehensive and easily accessible financial information on a regular basis and in various ways including the distribution of financial press releases by an AMF-approved provider, publications on its website, and live broadcasts of financial results presentations and the Annual General Meeting.

The website includes two sections especially for investors and individual shareholders, including documents relating to the Annual General Meeting, answers to frequently asked questions and information about how to become a shareholder.

Specific sections are also provided on particular topics such as sustainable development, corporate governance, regulated information and debt.

Meetings with investors and financial analysts

In 2021, the Group managed to adapt its communications with investors and financial analysts against the backdrop of the pandemic and widespread working from home in various countries. The Investor Relations team maintained links with these various parties throughout 2021 by means of videoconferences or conference calls. Meetings with investors (shareholders and bondholders) and financial analysts were held by means of sector conferences.

Lastly, the Group maintains close and regular relations with financial analysts, particularly when reporting earnings or revenue (conference calls).


The shares that make up Lagardère SA’s share capital are all registered shares, held in administered form (via a financial intermediary) or in directly registered form (via Société Générale Securities Services/SGSS).

Thanks to this form of shares, all shareholders:

Practical information about how to transfer directly registered shares to SGSS can be found on the Lagardère website.

The main advantages of holding shares in directly registered form are:

The main disadvantages of holding shares in directly registered form are: