Number of Lapker employees,
out of a total of 560, receiving
a health check-up offered
by the company as part
of its illness prevention
efforts in Hungary


tonnes of CO2 equivalent
Emissions generated by the
fi lming of eight episodes of
the TV series Jo, following
efforts to reduce the carbon
footprint of the shoot

4 500

Number of books
available as part of
Hachette Livre’s
print-on-demand service
in France at end-2012


Percentage of advertising
inserts supplied by advertisers
to Lagardère Active
made from recycled
or certifi ed paper


Number of grants awarded by the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation
between 1990 and 2012


Number of tennis balls collected by the French tennis federation
at the La Croix Catelan site, to be used in making sports surfaces
at the Robert-Debré children’s hospital in Paris


Amount collected by Aelia stores in France, Spain and the UK
as part of the “Time for Action” anti-hunger campaign,
organised in partnership with Action contre la Faim


Number of hours of programmes with an anti-obesity
message broadcast by Lagardère Active’s youth channels
(Gulli, Canal J and TiJi) over four years

30,170 m2

Area of beach in Montpellier cleaned following
Gulli’s campaign in support of the Surfrider
Foundation Europe charity, after 6,142 people
attended Gulli’s 2012 Earth Day event

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The Group has clear values that determine its personality. Lagardère's creativity, boldness and independence have helped to create a modern, innovative media group that's in touch with its times.

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Lagardère, a world-class diversified media group led by Arnaud Lagardère, operates in around 30 countries and is structured around four distinct, complementary divisions.

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