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Press releases

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Paris, June 19, 2012

Toma de Matteis joins Lagardère Entertainment as Executive Producer at Merlin Productions

Toma de Matteis served as artistic coordinator and then artistic director at Telfrance Série before he became artistic producer in 2008. He joined France Télévisions in 2011 as head of daytime fiction for the entire group. Drawing on his experience in both production and broadcasting, Toma now joins the team at Merlin Productions as Executive Producer.

"We are thrilled Toma is joining us," enthuse Pascal Fontanille and François Aramburu, managing directors at Merlin Productions. "Responsible for developing and producing new projects, Toma will strengthen the company's power of initiative in all formats."

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About Toma de Matteis:
Toma de Matteis studied literature and pursued a Masters in History before becoming project manager at Cell Network France in 1999, and then production manager at Marathon Productions. He joined CAPA Entreprises in 2002 as a producer, and in 2006 he joined Telfrance Série as artistic coordinator and then artistic director on Plus Belle La Vie [Life Is So Sweet] before becoming artistic producer in 2008. In 2011 Toma became the head of daytime fiction for all networks in the France Télévisions group.

About Merlin Productions:
Merlin Productions is a company of authors and producers founded in 2003 and headed by François Aramburu and Pascal Fontanille. The company brings together a range of talent to pioneer new formats and modes of writing, and to offer broadcasters a more responsive editorial line. Merlin productions include Clem, La Nouvelle Maud, La Crèche des Hommes, Vidocq, Le Masque et la Plume, Juste un Peu d'Amour, De Feu et de Glace, Sa Raison d'Être, La Prophétie d'Avignon, Faites Comme chez Vous, Un Amour à Taire, Un Été de Canicule, and Baie Ouest.

About Lagardère Entertainment:
Founded in 2008, Lagardère Entertainment is a Lagardère Active company, and manages all of Group Lagardère's film and television production.
Lagardère Entertainment is France's leading film and television producer (fiction, entertainment programming, animation) with GMT, DEMD, Image & Compagnie, Merlin, Aubes, and Ango for productions in French; Atlantique and Genao Productions for international productions; Maximal, Carson, Angel, 909 Productions, Electron Libre, Telmondis Productions, Léo Vision, and Add-On Factory for nonscripted programming; and Europe Images International, Telmondis Distribution, and les Editions Musicales François 1er for rights and distribution. Lagardère Entertainment is now a major player in the production and management of artistic content.
Its leading programmes are Julie Lescaut, Josephine Guardian Angel, C dans l'air, Mafiosa, Borgia, Clem, Stars du Rire, the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo, le Concert pour la Tolérance, C politique, Flics, Foster Family, Fish'n Chips and the series The Transporter.

Lagardère Entertainment