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Questions / answers

This page has been designed to answer the questions we are asked most frequently. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please go to the "Contacts" page and send us your question by e-mail.

1. How should I send my application to the Lagardère group?

Go to the "Human Resources-International" section of the website. This is an area specially designed for you, where you can manage your application: upload your CV and cover letters, create search agents so you can be notified of new vacancies and so on. Your CV will then be available in our database, and can be consulted by all the HR departments in the group. We'll contact you if your profile matches what we're looking for. In addition, keep checking our online vacancies so that you can submit an application as soon as you find a vacancy that interests you.

2. How will I know if my application has beeen accepted?

If you have uploaded your application in the Human Resources section, you'll receive an acknowledgement from the group Human Resources department by e-mail. If you're applying directly for an online vacancy, you will receive a response from the HR department concerned after it has examined your application.

3. How will I know if a vacancy I'm interested in is still open or whether it has already been filled?

If a vacancy is online it means the position has not yet been filled. As soon as a position is filled, we update the website immediately.

4. Are there opportunities abroad?

International recruitment is carried out, without exception, by the companies in the countries concerned. The "Companies and Brands" section lists all the group's subsidiaries throughout the world, so you can send your application directly to them. The group Human Resources department can also "direct" applications as appropriate.

5. Does the group offer VIE programmes?

The group does not currently offer VIE (international volunteer) programmes. If you wish to apply directly to a subsidiary based outside France, you will find all our contact details in the "Companies and Brands" section.

6. I've searched the current vacancies but I haven't found anything suitable. Are there any others options? Should I send you my CV anyway?

We have created an area specially designed for applicants in the Human Resources section where you can manage your application: upload your CV and cover letters, create search agents so you can be notified of new vacancies in real time and so on.

7. How can I find out if a new vacancy might be of interest to me is posted on the site?

Once you have uploaded your application to the Human Resources section, you can create search agents based on your own criteria that will notify you of vacancies that might be of interest to you. In addition, keep checking our online vacancies.

8. I'm looking for information that's specific to Lagardère. Whom should I contact?

Please send your question to:

Immeuble Monceau
Human Relations and Communication Department
42, rue Washington
75408 Paris cedex 08

Send an email to Lagardère HR Dept

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Press Release relating to regulated information -
Availability of the preparatory documents for the Annual Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting of 10 May 2019


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The Lagardère group

The Lagardère group is a global leader in content publishing, production, broadcasting and distribution, whose powerful brands leverage its virtual and physical networks to attract and enjoy qualified audiences.
The Group's business model relies on creating a lasting and exclusive relationship between the content it offers and its customers. It is structured around four business divisions.


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Who better than our own employees to describe the careers available within the group? Discover their daily lives at work.

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The world of the media is a demanding and stimulating environment with many possible career opportunities.

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