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Corporate governance

The Lagardère group comprises almost 450 companies. Lagardère SCA is the holding company that controls all the group's subsidiaries and shareholdings. It defines the group's strategy, leads and finances its development, makes the main ensuing management decisions and ensures that they are implemented both at the level of the parent company and by the operational subsidiaries.

The group is managed in accordance with strict, detailed corporate governance rules, about which it communicates openly. The main aspects of corporate governance are presented in the ‘Group’ section of this site, in particular:

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Financial Press releases


Declaration of the total number of voting rights and capital stock shares


Third-quarter 2014 net sales

Financial calendar

2014 Full Year Revenues publication

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Individual Shareholders

Practical information on how to manage their account, a calendar of shareholder events and the group’s main publications.