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Development: support for employees throughout their careers

Encouraging skill development

The development of our employees' professional skills and individual responsibilities is a prerequisite for the success of the Lagardère Group, whose strength depends on the quality and diversity of its workforce. The Group therefore emphasises career advancement for employees through promotion, internal mobility, and training, which improves their employability.

In addition to the Group-wide career management policy, and in keeping with the policy of independence, each division implements initiatives tailored to the unique characteristics of its businesses and operations.

This overall strategy reflects the Lagardère Group's desire to invest in the skills of its employees and help them thrive professionally.


The Group strives to develop a true corporate culture in its managers and to transmit its values of creativity, independence, daring and entrepreneurial spirit through specific in-house training programmes.

For example, more than 100 newly-hired managers come together each year for an orientation day where they learn about the Group's various businesses through a series of creative activities and meetings with top managers, promoting the emergence of a shared culture.

To help support employees throughout their career, the Lagardère Group offers training courses that enable managers to discuss common issues, such as management fundamentals, conflict management, negotiation, managerial communication, and public speaking. The Lagardère Group has also created a three-day "Leadership" programme targeting top talents identified by the divisions. The programme aims to stimulate innovation, provide an opportunity to lead a cross-functional project, and create drivers of change.

In total, in 2016, the Lagardère Group funded 321,797 hours of training for its employees.

Developing internal mobility

Internal career tracking, promotion, and development are activities essentially managed by each of the divisions, involving the management and human resources teams of each entity.

To support its skill management mechanism, the Group has established a talent management policy implemented jointly by corporate HR, HR within the divisions, and division management. This policy encompasses all of the principles and procedures designed to identify, develop, transfer, and plan succession for Lagardère Group employees designated as top talents.
Promoting employee mobility between the divisions is also crucial for the Lagardère Group.

Employees have access to all job openings available for internal transfers via the Group's internet portal.

A newsletter listing all available positions within the various companies is also sent out to all advisers to be distributed directly within the divisions.

An inter-division committee (made up of HR advisers in charge of job mobility) meets regularly to match current and future opportunities with the profiles of candidates who have expressed an interest in a new position.

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Lagardère announces the disposal of MonDocteur as well as exclusive negotiations for the sale of Doctissimo


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The Lagardère group

The Lagardère group is a global leader in content publishing, production, broadcasting and distribution, whose powerful brands leverage its virtual and physical networks to attract and enjoy qualified audiences.
The Group's business model relies on creating a lasting and exclusive relationship between the content it offers and its customers. It is structured around four business divisions.


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