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2012 Key events

People are a key concern for all of the Lagardère group's business lines. In 2013, its efforts focused on improving labour relations, identifying talented staff, internal mobility and, like every year, diversity.

Priorities in 2013

An important year in terms of labour relations
Labour relations, an essential component of the Group’s human resources policy, remained a topical issue. In addition to ordinary meetings, special attention was paid to the transformation needs of Lagardère Active’s Press business and changes within the Group following the sale of its stake in EADS.
In addition, a special negotiating body worked on the payment of an exceptional bonus to all employees in France. This negotiation provided a benchmark for all Group employees around the world.

Implementation of the process for identifying talented staff
Following the commitments made in 2012, an initial review of talented staff - including directors, staff with high potential and key personnel - was organised at Group level. In keeping with the principles of decentralisation, the review was executed locally at the level of all entities and continued with exchanges between the divisions and the Managing Partners about monitoring these talented staff and succession plans for key positions.
The creation of career committees for each business line will be the next step in 2014.

Internal mobility: an asset in our employees’ career management
Internal mobility constitutes a major asset in developing employees’ skills and fostering staff loyalty. In addition to the measures taken by its divisions, the Group has decided to develop tools to encourage mobility. A committee in charge of reviewing available positions and internal applications has been created and met for the first time in 2013.



Renewed and increased support for the non-profit organisation
“Nos Quartiers ont des Talents”

Since 2006, the Lagardère group has been an active partner of the non-profit organisation “Nos Quartiers ont des Talents” (Our neighbourhoods have talent), which aims to help young graduates from disadvantaged urban areas find their first job. In 2013, Lagardère became the leading partner of the young people’s facilitation committee (“Comité d’animation des jeunes”), designed to support the development of the association. The Group also continued its designation of mentors, attendance at national meetings and involvement in workshops.

Human resources - 2013 Key figures
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Press releases


Asterix and the Missing Scroll: the new Asterix album to be released on October 22, 2015


Press release relating to regulated information
Availability of the preparatory documents for the annual ordinary and extraordinary General Meeting of 5 May 2015

Le mot d'Arnaud Lagardère

"En 2013, dans une conjoncture mondiale difficile, le groupe Lagardère a réalisé d’excellentes performances avec notamment un résultat net exceptionnel et une progression du Résop Média supérieure à l’objectif initialement annoncé..."
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Activités du Groupe

Lagardère est un groupe de médias diversifié comptant parmi les leaders mondiaux.
Dirigé par Arnaud Lagardère, il est implanté dans une trentaine de pays et se structure autour de quatre branches d'activités distinctes et complémentaires.

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Historique du Groupe

Des intuitions de Louis Hachette au 19è siècle jusqu'au virage numérique du 21è siècle, la vie du Groupe court sur 150 ans.
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