Cultivating innovation

Innovation is essential to the Lagardère group's growth and its ability to adapt in order to develop its activities and create added value in the sectors in which it operates.
To this end, the Group is continually renewing itself and offering innovative solutions tailored to the challenges of today.
Lagardère's four divisions once again demonstrated their expertise in 2012.

Co-Managing Partner, Lagardère SCA,
Chief Human Relations, Communications and
Sustainable Development Officer

Momentum in innovation: supporting talented staff

As part of the new momentum given to the Lagardère group's policy of managing talented staff, the Human Resources and the Corporate IT de partments are planning to develop an innovative initiative in 2013.
Drawing on the model of study trips to Silicon Valley organised over the last two years by Lagardère Innovation, a fact-finding mission will be carried out in India, which will be proposed to talented staff identified in advance by the human resources departments of the Group's four divisions. The study will focus on learning about the local culture and the organisation of innovation in India, and will explore the growth potential of markets close to our business lines in the country.
At the end of the trip, the participants will compile a report accompanied by recommendations, and a presentation to the heads of Human Resources and the Managing Partners will be organised.
This project will help to create momentum around innovation while also strengthening the feeling of belonging to the Group.

President and Chief Operating Officer,
Hachette Book Group

DAD: Digital Asset Distribution

In the face of major changes to the global publishing market relating to the arrival of electronic books, Hachette Livre (France), Hachette UK (United Kingdom), Anaya (Spain) and Hachette Book Group (United States) have together developed a standardised and centralised digital platform to store and deliver e-books to online retailers. This is the first system built in collaboration across the globe by different entities of Lagardère Publishing.
This new process (called DAD for Digital Asset Distribution) allows Lagardère Publishing to distribute authors' works globally without border or language constraints.
This has become a highly strategic project as it gives us control of our digital distribution in all countries and allows us to maintain a direct relationship with e-book vendors rather than going through third party providers.

Head of digital applications,
Lagardère Active

FOTO+: a futuristic tool for editorial teams

Lagardère Active, in partnership with Microsoft and Sensorit, has developed a collaborative and easy-to-use tool for photo formatting using a touch-screen table.
Our application, named Foto+, makes it possible for the different departments of an editorial team to work collaboratively and view, organise, touch up and share photos. It also allows for images to be annotated in order to give instructions to graphic designers and provide guidance for art directors.
The ability to view the edited photo and formatting immediately optimises the formatting stage and avoids the need to manipulate photos physically by means such as print-outs, cut-outs and montages, which uses up a significant amount of time and paper.
Foto+ is connected directly to the editorial team's IT system and allows for fully integrated use of photo streams in the production of print or digital versions of magazines.

Chief Information Officer,

AELIA: an innovative payment service

Peak hours at the sales outlets managed by Aelia, synonymous with waiting and stress for travellers, are one of the main challenges we face. In partnership with other retailers (Sephora, Norauto, Yves Rocher), members of the YourCegid Retail user club, we have developed a mobile payment service that allows sales staff to take payments from customers themselves using a PDA-type device that can be held in one hand.
This new system helps to improve queue management and service standards, while also optimising net sales during peak hours.
This innovative solution represents a major first in Travel Retail, which is subject to very strict requirements with regards to payment. It also strengthens Aelia's image among airports relative to the standard of its customer relations and its expertise in technological solutions.



Senior Vice President
of Marketing &
New Media Strategies,
Lagardère Unlimited

Lagardère Unlimited US: offering brands fully integrated marketing solutions

In 2012, Lagardère Unlimited US continued to diversify its capabilities and concentrate its focus on offering brands fully integrated marketing solutions, with success among leading brands.
We secured a partnership with Disney to develop an exclusive Walmart mobile app surrounding the launch of the Cinderella Blu-ray DVD. This launch was one of Disney’s most successful retail promotions to date.
In partnership with Bumble Bee Foods and tennis player Mardy Fish, we developed a year-long content-driven campaign to tell a story perfectly aligned with the brand’s core messaging.
We are pushing the boundaries of creative marketing and leveraging our innovative approach to set ourselves apart and become more relevant in the marketplace. Properly balancing
what brands truly want and what we have to sell is the key to delivering more value to clients while also maximizing net sales for Lagardère Unlimited.

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