Lagardère Active

After refocusing its activities on the french market and adapting its structure to its main businesses - press, audiovisual, pure digital and advertising sales brokerage - in 2012, Lagardère Active launched a project designed to secure productivity gains and drive growth for its press titles, radio stations, tv channels and websites. On the strength of its leadership in its different markets and the success of its leading brands, such as Elle, Paris Match and Europe 1, Lagardère Active will pursue its growth strategy and expand its business in 2013 in order to consolidate its position in the age of digital media.

The group's key figures

The group's financial results demonstrate Lagardère's stability. Net sales, earnings before interest and tax, employees: access financial information about the group and its subsidiaries.

The group's values

The Group has clear values that determine its personality. Lagardère's creativity, boldness and independence have helped to create a modern, innovative media group that's in touch with its times.

The Group's brands

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