Lagardère, a world-class pure-play media group led by Arnaud Lagardère, operates in around 30 countries and is structured around four distinct, complementary divisions:

Lagardère Publishing

The world’s second-largest trade book publisher for the general public and educational markets (number one in France, number two in the United Kingdom and Spain, number five in the United States), Lagardère Publishing is a federation of publishing companies with a large degree of editorial independence. They are united by common management rules, a concerted effort to expand in digital activities, a coordinated strategy in respect of the global distribution giants, and the same high standards required of the people appointed to positions of responsibility in each company.
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Lagardère Active

Lagardère Active plays a central role in the media world, with such iconic brands as Elle, Paris Match, Europe 1, Gulli and Doctissimo. It is the number one magazine publisher in France, with 39 french titles and 85 international titles sold under licence. Lagardère Active is also a major player in television and radio, with 21 radio stations worldwide, 11 TV channels, and France's number one production company. Lagardère Publicité is France's third advertising sales brokerage, and with 25 websites, Lagardère Active is the country's leading media group by audience on the Internet and mobile markets.
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Lagardère Services

Lagardère Services is a global leader in Local Distribution and Travel Retail, with operations in 25 countries and four continents, organised into two divisions:

  • LS travel retail, which operates businesses in travel areas, including international brands such as Relay and Aelia Duty Free;
  • LS distribution, which covers national press distribution, city-centre retailers and press import-export.
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lagardère unlimited

Lagardère Unlimited

A leading player in the Sport Industry and Entertainment, Lagardère Unlimited has expertise in six complementary business activities: events production and management, talent representation, venue consulting, marketing rights and associated products, broadcast rights, and management of sports academies.
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